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Farm Rules

Posted 5/5/2021 2:06pm by Robert Hamilton.


1.   Check-in is required  

2.   Absolutely no eating of the berries prior to check out, no throwing or playing with berries 

3.   No backpacks or large bags are allowed in the fields 

4.   Going to the picnic area, deck or your vehicle  prior to check out is Prohibited. 

5.   Outside food is Prohibited during Farm business hours. Violators will be asked to leave immediately.  6.   No organized Unreserved group meetings/parties/events or picnics are allowed. Violators will be asked to leave immediately.  

7.    No smoking/vaping 

8.    No pets are allowed 

9.    No drones/pictures/videos of our Farm may be used for commercial or promotional purposes without prior consent. 

10.       Please Watch, maintain and control your children for everyone’s safety at all times.   

11.       Please be careful walking through the fields. Our crops are fragile and need to be treated with respect. 

12.       No clippings of branches are allowed.  

13.       Please do not cross restricted areas of the Farm. Violators will be asked to leave immediately. 

14.       No unauthorized vehicles are allowed in the fields or farm property at all times. 

15.       For your safety, everyone must drive at 5 to 10 mph throughout our Farm. Please observe this as you enter and exit the farm. Entrance cannot be used as an exit route. 

16.       Walking into the fields during evening events is Prohibited .  

17.       Do not climb on our fences/gates and trees.

 18.       By entering our Farm, you are assuming liability and responsibility for the safety of yourself and those accompanying you, including minors.  

19.       Please be aware of the organic and natural habitats surrounding you while visiting the Farm: Groundhog holes, bees, hornets, wasps and others.

 20.       All of our rules are intended for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.  

21.       Please be kind . 

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